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Why Us:-

In Life, when all the doors of opportunities seem closed, Shripurohit provides you a powerful platform where its experienced and qualified Purohits / Pandits / Priests will show the solution to your problems and answer your queries and guide you properly to solve your problem or lessen the gravity of the same by performing the specific Pujas or performing the religious ceremonies as per the Shastras, Vedic Norms & your faith. We help you to make the right decisions with regard to a particular problem you are facing and guide you accordingly to solve the same which results in peace and divine experience.


Shripurohit is one of the best online Puja or religious ceremony booking portals. All our  Purohits / Pandits / Priests are well experienced, trained, and certified professionals and will perform the Pujas and religious rituals to your utmost satisfaction. We provide puja services in all major cities of India in various languages like Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Kannada, Marwari, and Gujarati. Shripurohit will also provide you the necessary Puja Samagri required for the Pujas or Service booked at reasonable prices.


Shripurohit will perform all the Pujas including Havans, Japas, Paths, Pariharams, and religious ceremonies as per Shastras such as Vastu Shanti, Pithru Dosha, Navagraha Shanti, Kalasarpa Dosha, Narayan Nagabali, Mangalic Dosha Puja, Nakshatra Shanti/Mula Nakshatra Puja, etc. Pariharams and Shradha & other religious ceremonies on a moderate price in the cities specified for service.   

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