How We Work Details


On visiting our website customer has to select the name of puja or the service needed with the date & time on which he need the same along with the language in which he need such service.

On booking the selected Puja / Service, the customer has to pay the Booking charges of such Puja or Service to our Company by depositing the same to Admin Account. 

Once the Booking charges are paid by the Customer Shripurohit will provide highly experienced and the best suitable Pandit for your Puja / religious ritual. The registered Purohit will receive the message alert and he will accept the request of Puja event and customer can see Purohit’s number once the request is accepted by the Purohit.

Customer then can call or chat with Pandit and he will confirm the details and arrangements of Puja or Service with the customer.

Only after confirmation, the allotted Purohit will purchase the necessary Puja samagri according to the selected Puja category.

After booking the Puja or Service, the Shripurohit will allot the Purohit, give his mobile number and other contact details and facilitate both of you for timely completion of event on the specified muhurat but it is obligatory on part of the customer to be in touch with the Purohit and track him at the given number for reaching at his place for timely commencement and completion of the event.

The customer has to see that the Puja or religious ritual is commenced and completed in time and for which he / she or their family members who will participate the said Puja have to be ready for timely commencement and completion of same. The delay if any on their part will cause inconvenience to the Purohit as well as other customers, who have booked other pujas on that date through that Purohit on other muhurat.     

On visiting the customer place for Puja or Service on the fixed date & Muhurt, the Purohit will have to confirm the timely commencement of the same by submitting OTP from the customer and on completion of Puja or Service again the Purohit will have to submit the OTP to Admin received from customer. After the second OTP submission the customer will have to pay the total package amount i.e. the Dakshina and additional services i.e. Puja Samagri or Fruits & Flowers if selected by the customer to the Purohit.

If for any reason the allotted registered Purohit is unable to extend the Service and perform the Puja or ritual on the specified date & Muhurth, “Shripurohit” will intimate the same to the customer and on he / she’s confirmation, newly allotted Purohit’s Mobile Number & details will be sent to the customer and the said Purohit will contact the customer at the earliest possible, confirm the details and perform the Puja or Service accordingly.

Shripurohit is only the mediator between service executor i.e. Purohits and Customer and hence Shripurohit will not be responsible if any discrepancy arises at Purohit’s or Customer’s level. The Pujas or religious rituals performed as per the requirement of the customer and the same will be perform as per the Shastras and prevailing customs with regard to performance of the specified Puja or ritual. But Shripurohit will not guarantee or assure the customer about the outcome or result of that particular event as it being the matter of utmost religious faith. Hence neither the Purohit who performed religious ritual or specified Puja nor the service provider “Shripurohit” will be liable for the same.


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