Antyesti Karma - Marwari

Antyeshti karm is the set of rituals performed for the person who dies so that their Soul gets peace and they go to the Pitru lok happily without any problem.

It is very important Antyeshti karm to perform the last rites of the person who dies so that their Atma (Soul) attains peace.

The rituals done from day 1 to day 10 are to provide food and water for the soul which is believed to give a form for the formless soul. Everyday pinda helps in formation of one one organ everyday.

On the 10th day, after the body is fully formed, the same food is served without salt so that the soul hates this food and starts its journey towards pitru loka.

All the danas we do on the 11th day is to make sure the soul travels comfortably. We donate slippers, umbrella, lamp, cow, book, bell, silver, gold and a lot such things and it is believed that the soul can use them during its tough journey.

The 13th day, we perform Patheya shraddha which is subha function. We do homas, punyahavachanam, clean the house with holy water from kumbam, bath the karta with that water and everything becomes auspicious from now. On 15th day we do karyas which is to be performed after six months which is called pandharvadi.



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  • Performed for the soul to get peace.
  • 3rd day to 15th day all the Rituals are performed.
  • Performed at a separate place in-home or at sabha. 
  • Get the blessings from ancestors.
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