Office Opening Puja - Marathi

Office Opening Puja is performed before starting work in new office. In any building or place a number of energies reside (both positive and negative).One invokes the blessings of God before entering the work place to negate the influence of negative energies and bring in peace and harmony.

Before begin a new start up business or get started to work in a new place it is highly priority to perform Office Opening Puja.

In the new office or place or building may have negative energies by performing the Office Opening Puja / Office Inauguration Puja, by gaining the blessings of god instance to neutralize the power of bad or negative energies and gain success in the business.

Office Opening Puja also include Ganesh, Navagraha Havan and Puja.Lord Ganesh will removes the hurdles and by worshiping him leads to good fortune in one’s life. Navagraha Puja is done to remove Drishti dosham and bad energies from the office’s parts.

When to Perform Office Opening Puja?

Office Opening Puja is performed before opening of any new office or business, A auspicious Muhurth can be picked impaccable to one’s janma nakshatra.

Benefits of Office Opening Puja:

  • This puja cleanses negative energies and graha doshas existing in the place, endoving it with positivity and good vibes.
  • Enables one to attain success in business and official projects.
  • Get the divine blessings of Lord Ganesha, Goddess Lakshmi, and all planets.


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  • To remove the existing ill-effects borne by the building or place.
  • Positive energy is restored in the office.
  • Ganesh puja, Lakshmi puja and Navagraha puja are involved.
  • Main Deity: Ganesha & Laskhmi.
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