Satyanarayan Puja - Marathi

Satyanarayan Puja is a religious worship of the Lord Vishnu.This Puja is performed for the divine blessings of health, wealth, prosperity, opulence, education, relief from troubles and sickness. It can also be performed because of success in business or career growth.

The Satyanarayan Puja, worship of the Lord Satyanarayana, the most compassionate form of the Lord Vishnu. Satya means “truth” and narayana means, “The highest being” so Satyanarayan means “The highest being who is an embodiment of Truth”.


Satyanarayan Puja is a ceremony performed before or after major occasions like marriages, house-warming ceremonies, naming of the children and so on in order to bring happiness, prosperity and well-being for the family. People also conduct the puja when they are suffering from illness or even incurring losses or when they intend to fulfill their desires. The puja protects you from conducting evil and teaches us to be on the path of goodness and truth.It is the easiest and most inexpensive way to worship the lord and attain his blessings.


The true worship of Satyanarayan involves practice of truth and commitment to truth in all aspects of life. It is a promise to god to live life truthfully and honestly. Satyanarayan puja is not about a ritual to remove problems. It is about practicing the truth as it is a purifier and leads to happiness and peace.


When to Perform Satyanarayan Puja?

The Satyanarayan puja is generally done before major occasions of life, such as housewarming or marriage ceremony. Usually, this puja is done on the eve of Purnima, or the full mood day of every month. Saturdays, Ekadashi, along with the months of Kartik and Baishakh are considered auspicious times to perform Satyanarayan puja and this puja is usually performed during the evening time.


Benefits of Satyanarayan Puja:

  • It is believed that by performing the ritual, one achieves peace and prosperity in his or her life.
  • The devotee is blessed with general happiness and family bliss.
  • The Satyanarayan Puja also clear negativity surrounding oneself and grants a positive approach towards life in general.
  • The Puja is also believed to bless the devotee with good health.


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  • To gain success in business or career growth.
  • Performed by Hindi speaking North Indian Pandit.
  • Done on Poornima, Ekadashi, Saturday or any shub muhurath.
  • Main Deity: Satyanarayan Bhagwan.


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